Craig - Manager

With 25 years experience in the Rag Trade, Craig likes to think he knows everything but with females everywhere in the store they are quick to tell him"He's Dreaming".  Mainly used as a "Go To" man when there is a problem with computers or technology he does come in handy at times with product knowledge and people that are hard to fit.

Lauren - Sales Star

Lauren heads up our female department.  With a background in Beauty Therapy, Lauren has embraced the change to Fashion Retailing and has hit the ground running.  Her eye for quality and value has seen the female section of our store brighten up with well displayed products and accessories as well as some of the hottest brands and looks.  Lauren comes across as one of the nicest people that you could meet but every now and then she lets her guard down and we see the "Wild Child" within her.

Essie - Sales Star

The newest member of our team Essie has made a massive impact for all of the right reasons.  After using her initiative to get the job Essie has not looked back and continues to impress us all with her enthusiasm, common sense, humour and reliability.  She has already taken over some major roles in the business and Craig has earmarked her to take over a lot more.   Bright, friendly and full of knowledge, Essie will make your next purchase a pleasure.

Kristie - Sales Star

The cleanliness freak!  Kristie can't stand mess and cringes every time she steps into Craig's s office.  Luckily for us Kristie out ranks Craig on the shop floor and keeps everything in tip top shape.  A visual display specialist, she is constantly changing and moving things around the shop to give the customers a whole new experience each time they enter the store.  Kristy also heads up our corporate Workwear division and makes sure that all of our clients' needs are filled on time.

Tahlia - Casual Sales Star

Tahlia is our Barbie Doll.  With sensational good looks and a fantastic figure she models our clothes like Jennifer Hawkins.   Tahlia has worked Saturday mornings since she excelled during her High School work experience with us and she has always jumped at the chance to work extra days when the other girls have been unavailable.   A slave to Fashion, Tahlia spends most of her wages back in the shop.

Bec - Even More Casual Sales Star

The veteran of the team, Bec has gone off to have her second child and is enjoying plenty of couch time.  The "want to be" singer, model and race day fashionista still finds time to come in on a regular basis to make sure that things are still travelling well without her expert touch and catch up on a bit of gossip.  When nobody else can work we are lucky that we can still call on someone as capable as Bec to fill our shoes even if she does make it look like a social outing.

Marianne - The Best Fill In Around

When absolutely no one else can work we can always rely on Marianne!  A qualified nurse, she has been able to switch her hand from blood and guts to retail sales star without a problem.  Always looking for a way to take the pressure off Craig and get him home from work earlier, Marianne has shown just how skilful she can be with handling phone calls and steering customers in the right direction.  Her blonde locks and big smile usually win over the customers into thinking that she does this all of the time.

Naomi - Embroidery Queen

The wrestling match between Woman and Machine goes on out the back in the embroidery room.  Brought in with no experience but an appetite for a big challenge, Naomi has excelled in operating our machines and has been able to lift our output rate considerably.

Sheridan - The Numbers Guru

As our business has grown bigger we have had to call in the big gun to keep up with the paper work.  We have never been more up to date and Sheridan has all of our figures at her finger tips whenever we need them.   Not your typical book keeper , Sheridan likes to cut loose with a glass of wine now and then and becomes the life of the party. The proud mother of twin boys Sheridan is a control freak.

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