For the girls that like a feminine look in their wardrobe staples and their fashion pieces to finish off an outfit, who are on trend and love experimenting with style Origin is the place to go.  We stock all the latest Fashion brands inspired by the global street culture as well as all those vintage treasures. Including “Sass and Fate”, “Mink Pink”, “Esprit”, “All About Eve”, and the all new, “Jorge”. And all the popular street and surf brands like Billabong, Ripcurl, and Roxy. For all your staple fashion needs and wardrobe musts.

And every girls needs and loves a great fitting pair of jeans! We have the new “Levis Curve Ids” to fit body shapes rather than size, without trading fashion. Levis offer a Slight curve, a Demi curve and a Bold curve. Riders by lee is another popular fashion staple, with their different cuts and styles. Including the low rise rc helicopter, and very popular, Bumster fit. And if you haven’t already heard Origin and one other store in Australia have exclusively the V.O. Jeans from the US. For all those girls out there who love a bit of bling!

At Origin Clothing the girls know that fashion is forever changing and if you look good you feel great! No matter what your personal style,womens fashion clothing Origin has something for all the creative independent and free spirited girls out there!

Some of our Brands

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