Privacy Policy

When you visit this site, our system obtains your IP address, domain of ISP, along with times,
dates and pages viewed - all if this information remains anonymous.

Should you send us an email containing personal information we will ensure that the confidentiality
of the information is maintained. Your email may be sent on to the relevant department within
Origin Clothing when they relate to product enquires or complaints. They also treat the information
confidentially but do record it in an in-house database.

If you feel that any of the information that we hold about you is incorrect or obsolete, please contact us
and we will review the appropriate information.

Please note that Origin Clothingr provides some hyperlinks to other websites available to you from this
website. These websites are not subject to Origin Clothing's Privacy Policy. You should review each
privacy policy for each site to ensure that the policy of each site is satisfactory to you before use.

If you wish to discuss any section of the disclaimer or privacy policy please contact us via
telephone (02) 6033 1386 and speak with our Reception Administrator.

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